My name is 

Shazanah Hassan 

and I'd like to be your 

Web Developer

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Who am i?

I'm what the industry calls a 'unicorn'
"If you’re looking for a designer who can come up with your identity, design your site, create UIs with great user experience for your web and mobile apps, and on top of that code his or her work in HTML/CSS (and why not throw in Javascript in the mix!), then I’m sorry to inform you that you’re hunting unicorns."


In other words: 

a coder...

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a poster i made

I've been...
co-founder of a startup

That's me to the left! was one of the Singapore Business Review's hot 20 startups to watch!

I was the co-founder, sole designer and developer for - a social commerce website where people can shop, sell and swap their clothes.

We received $15K funding from the NTU ideas startup competition.

We were also selected for JFDI Asia's 2013 batch of startups.

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... a nuts and bolts entrepreneur

I'm an avid e-cigarette (vape) enthusiast and I set up Vape NZ to give people an alternative to smoking.

I had sole charge of running the business, created my own brand and marketing materials.

The business was turning a solid profit almost upon inception.

..and a freelancer

HTML5 interactive map for
2013 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

E-commerce website
for Onlewo

But I also do awesome work
as part of a company

I made this website for Columbus Coffee while employed at Jiminy (Jan 2013 - August 2013)

I made this website for the Auckland Organ Town Hall Trust while employed at Good Folk (August 2013 - Present)

and i'd like to
work for yours

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Or call me at 022 306 2063

You can also download my resume here
and get a PDF of my portfolio here

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